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East Yorkshire

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Buying Our Orchids

There are two ways to buy our orchids.

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Please note, unfortunately, our nurseries are not open to the general public for retail plant sales.

Sorry we are no longer able to supply the E.U.


NEW !!  
Disa Child Safety Transvaal – ‘Sonia’ Large flowered, tall growing, Brilliant cerise pink
Disa Foam – ‘Zoe’ Tall growing, large orangey flowers with pink overlay, petal tips pink
Disa Robert Parkinson Tall growing, large orangey/red flowers (– in short supply)
Disa Unidiorosa – ‘Tracey’ Very tall growing. Lovely mauve/ pink flowers
DISA uniflora Orange. Large flowered. Beautiful species
DISA Diores Pretty orange/red unnamed clone on a good stem
DISA Diores-Inca Warrior Red/orange flowers on a robust plant. An excellent choice to start a collection
DISA Diores-Inca City Pink. Slightly later flowering
DISA Diorosa Very tall growing. Large flowered pink
DISA Sealord Large flowered in shades of pink
Disa Child Safety Transvaal Unifoam x Betty's Bay
Disa Ivan Watson Hilda Parkinson x Uniflora