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News from the Nursery October 2016

After a mild winter, in March the Disas looked well advanced and early, then came a cold spring and cold frosts which delayed growth. Pleiones flowered well in April, and because of the cold weather, the flowers lasted longer than usual. Disas, started flowering by late May June and early July were good for flowering, colours being excellent. The extreme heat in mid-July caused the flowering season to end early and we were finished by early August. Some of the new seedlings have looked promising with nice colours and markings.

In spring blossom on the fruit trees in our orchard was fabulous, resulting in a bumper autumn fruit crop.

Our outdoor Dactylorizas growing in grass near the greenhouse, gave an excellent display of purple flower spikes, increasing in numbers to 30 spikes. Nature at its best.

Hedgehogs have bred well and are still feeding, many are quite small. Little owls have successfully bred in the neighbourhood the youngsters have been calling very noisily at each other from our mature trees. Blackbirds, robins and wrens have nested well in the greenhouses. Bats enjoyed the warm summer evenings what a joy to watch. Frogs and toads have reappeared in the Disa house, enjoying the winter in the trays. We had the unusual sight of a cormorant in the greenhouse, it must’ve entered by the open vents, with care and patience we managed to encourage it to leave by the doorway and thankfully it flew away.

We still have some of the cats to keep us amused by their antics and share their attention.

We are finding it very difficult to complete our present workload, and so will be reducing the shows attended cutting back on some of the plants grown. We will also be doing mail-order plants spring only. Thank you for your patience and understanding and wish you all good 1917