Dave Parkinson Plants
4, West Bank, Carlton,
East Yorkshire

Tel/Fax :
01405 860693


We Do Our Bit!

We as growers are very aware of our obligations towards conservation, we love wildlife and are happy to share our Orchid growing space!

The trays of water in which we stand the plants are frequented by frogs, toads and newts and in summer time often visited by grass snakes.

the moss which we use on the show exhibits is grown in trays on the nursery and used by the birds to line their nests in spring. We are serenaded by blackbirds, thrushes, robins, wagtails and wrens in the glasshouses and have many species of birds nesting on the nursery.

We do use peat as a growing media. We have tried other composts aver the years and have not found them satisfactory. Experimenting continues but if we lose peat it is probable that this amazing collection of Disas will be lost.