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Special Offer

Pot up bulbs into a suitable mixture of, peat/perlite, peat/perlite/small bark mix or small bark with sphagnum moss added. When potted compost should come two thirds of the way up the bulbs.

Water sparingly until growths appear. Avoid water onto flowers. When in flower keep out of direct sun

After flowering

Water regularly . Liquid feed approximately every second week with maxicrop or seaweed fertiliser. Can be stood outside in summer (after frosts of ceased). Continue watering and feeding


Cease watering, allow leaves to die back and bulbs to go dormant. Store in a cold frost free place. Discard old shrivelled bulb and trim roots to 1 inch. Repot newly formed bulb in spring.

How to order your Pleiones

By mail order, using  either this form (MS Word format) or this form (Adobe Accrobat Format). - PLEASE NOTE Pleione are available in February or March

Pleione Available :





P. Asama Red Grouse. £6.00

P. Britannia Doreen

Large Flowers with broad petals and sepals of purplish/pink,lip marked with yellow


P. Brigadoon
(P.Speciosa x P.Confusa)

Mauve flowers, good grower


P.Fuego Varying shades of lilac/mauve, frilled lip £5.00

P. Hekla

Early flowering, purple, frilled lip blotched red


P. Piton

Pale lavender flowers, with lip markings of purplish red. Early flowering


P. Rakata
(P. Speciosa x P. Shantung)

Large flowers, blend of orange/apricot/pink with pink sheen


P. Shantung
(P. Formosa x P. Contusa)

Pale yellow flowers, strong grower


P. Shantung - Silver Anniversary

Vigorous grower, white flowers


P. Stromboli - 'Fireball'

Dark purplish pink flowers inside of lip spotted dark red, intense colour


P. Tolima Large flowers of purplish pink £4.00

P. Tongariro

Easy to grow, flowers dark rose colour


P. Tongariro - Jackdaw Vibrant purple/pink flowers, matching lip with yelloe keel and red spots £5.00
P. Vesuvius Free flowering. Strong grower, pink flowers £4.00

P. Volcanello - Honey Buzzard

Large purplish-pink flowers, fragrant at night.


Post & Packing - £6.00 UK only
Sorry we are no longer able to supply the E.U.

Available in February or March

Orders are for flowering size bulbs, but no guarantee can be given for flowering.

February Special Offer

Pleione Collection

Special Offer £25.00
Five pseudo-bulbs all different, from the growers selection.

Cultural leaflet
Post and packaging for UK included.

Above offer, plus compost £30.00
U.K. Only